Request for Change or Addition Form

  • Note: Please submit form and upload each supporting item (map, diagrams, paint samples, etc.). A signed copy will be returned for your permanent records within 30 days of the date it is received by Loft Ridge management.
  • I acknowledge and agree that I will be solely liable for any claims including, without limitation, claims for property damage or personal injury, which result from the requested change or addition. I hereby indemnify the Association from and against any violations of any and all applicable codes and ordinances, and I acknowledge that I am responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and inspections for the requested change or addition and further that I am responsible for all maintenance, repair and upkeep of said change or addition. I agree to perform the work within six months from obtaining approval, and if work is not performed within six months, I must submit a new Request for Change form. I also acknowledge that the ACC has 30 days from the date my application is received by management to act on my request.