Conservation Committee

Chris Bodner, Chair

About the Conservation Committee
What does the Conservation Committee do?

  • The Conservation Committee consists of volunteers who advise, assist and recommend actions to the Board which:
    • Protect and enhance the existing natural resources of the community 
    • Maintain Common Areas in an ecologically sustainable manner 
    • Balance the needs of the community with available resources.
  • Maintain affiliation and an open rapport with management, other committees and the Loft Ridge Board

What are the duties of a Conservation Committee member?

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Work together as a team to provide orderly, long-term planning, set goals, prepare budget requests, design and carry out projects, offer opportunities for natural resource education, and/or encourage appropriate recreational activities in the community’s Common Areas and adjacent county parks.  
  • Understand the needs and perspectives from around the Loft Ridge Community

How do you become a member?

  • Anyone can volunteer to be a member
    • Prior conservation knowledge is not required – just a willingness to learn
  • A call for new Conservation Committee members is made during the Annual Meeting; you can also let any member of the Board of Directors know that you are interested in becoming a member

When does the Conservation Committee meet?

  • As a new committee, dates and regularity are in the process of being determined, however meetings are likely to be monthly.